Young HeARTists Worldwide

In Art Square one of our main aims is to support development of young artists by showing them the potential ways for employability. The project “Young HeARTists Worldwide” brought artists from 5 countries together to share their competence and learn from each other.
Together we have set up the objectives of the project:
– to make the creative movement with young people from other countries, to inspire them to explore their own ways/new passions
– open new doors for people with no job, no school, no perspectives
– to be an example for other youth/younger generations that something can be organized by ourselves
– to bring art back to life by promoting it as cross-cultural way of expression
– to get motivation and skills for organization of the event, teamwork and to gain experience for next projects
– to make connections with young people from other countries.
Young participants said:
“Most of us do not attend school any more and we are searching for a job. We do not know what the future will look like and also what we exactly want to do in our life. But we have dreams connected to music that is one of the forms of expressing for us. We formed already two music groups Volta Crew and KMS where we have a chance to express how we feel as young people in the society. We wish that the project of exchange will motivate all participants to do what we really want from our heart and will be the first step that we can follow in our development. This is why in the title of the project we combine the two words: heart and art.

We have also not believed till now that we can be part of the organization team and that we can plan the activities according to our own interests. As most of us are involved in making music (in Volta Crew band and KMS band- we took part in On Steitsch 2015!)) we put that in the thematic focus of the project. The result of our brainstorming is the program with workshops on DJ and music production, video production, dance and journalism. Each of us took responsibility for one of the activity and we were proud to be like leaders!
We also hoped that this meeting will be the first one of the events that we will be able to manage and it will show to the others that we are able to do that with our own hands, voices and hearts.”.
The group defined their most important needs as the following: contact with people from other countries (as they do not have many chances to travel till now), getting to know the international culture and explore the new way of thinking, learning how to connect with other people and grow international human connection. This last point is particularly important for the group: as young people from not very easy social background, they are very sensitive for the social issues that they are part of. In Art Square we are fascinated by that characteristic, as this is not often present among young people who often have the demanding attitude towards society. We must preserve it, especially that we do not have to motivate those young people- they simply motivate us! to make a change in the society, to build an inclusive environment, especially in times when in Europe we fall from one „crisis“ to the other (Greece crisis, Refugee situation) and the hate speech is very often used in the discussions online and offline.