Street Art

Inter-actions organized a Youth Democracy project called “Street art” which gave an opportunity to more than 80 young people from 4 countries to have a participative reflection about the place they have in the society through urban cultural active participation. The themes revolved around the role of active participation, empowerment, education, values. Street art stream goes on and is part of our all day life and urban space. Politics at any level cannot disregard this aspect that is part of our surrounding and with this project we wanted to bring it to an open discussions.

In “Street art” young people were able to participate in a complex self-development programme that provided them with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to become active social actors and get reflection about the topic. It made them aware of civic dimension of streetart, influenced of the participants’ work on urban space and how their creation can be constructive for others and for their future. Active young people took part in one of the 2 international Urban Seminars that were organized in Luxembourg and in an “Open Art Week. These 3 events provided young people with concrete methodology that they were able to use after the international activity in their home countries with other peers.

Each Urban Seminar had a particular focus: 1.Urban music (dance, singing, beatboxing), 2. Visual art (graffiti, light animations, etc) and 3. Seminar which brought together young people who organized events around Luxembourg. A special contribution to the results and visibility of the projects were the debates with decisions-makers, MEPs, deputies, mayors and experts about related topic as well as interaction with local groups. We believe that many young people were empowered by this action which contributed to promotion of streetart as a supportive tool for youth positive active participation.