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Luxembourg 2018 – 1st International Forum of EYP Luxembourg: “Cooperation as a Catalyst for Change”

This project was organised to simulate a session of the European Parliament, gathering 182 young participants from over 29 countries throughout Europe. Young people joined together to discuss with decision makers and put forward their own policy proposals and recommendations through consensus finding discussion and debate during the plenary assembly at the end of the event.

The learning experiences of the project were aimed at enhancing the level of key competencies and skills of young people, such as public speaking, reaching common consensus and inter-cultural understanding. Informal learning experiences and peer learning took up a big role in this project and are based on the needs and challenges of young people today.

  1. Engagement in active citizenship and encouragement of democratic participation: Through this project participants are offered a unique platform to exchange opinion with young europeans and to be involved in learning and collaborating with people from different cultures and backgrounds to get a global angle on current European issues. Enhancing citizenship education consists one of our main objectives as the European Youth Parliament.
  2. The project aims to develop young participants into open minded citizens by introducing them to cultural diversity. Furthermore, democratic participation will be furthered by an in-depth dealing with the European Union and its current matters of concern.

Promotion of intercultural awareness and tolerance:

  1. The second objective, is the active promotion and the development of solidarity and tolerance among young people and emphasises the necessity of fighting and working as a collective. This is further highlighted through the project’s theme ‘Cooperation as a catalyst for change’ which encourages young people to work together to make a difference.
  2. Through intercultural activities, like the Eurovillage, an evening where each participant presents and shares national dishes and beverages with the other participants. This can develop positive experiences on cultural diversity, which we like to live and experience first hand at EYP.
  3. Introducing the participants to volunteering: The EYP is built upon the principle of voluntary youth participation – young people are active for other young people and thus act as role models for voluntary action.

EYP as a fully youth-led and volunteer-based organisation is a platform for young people’s personal development, learning mobility, competitiveness, social cohesion and a possibility to actively contribute to society.

We believe the EYP to teach young participants long-term competences, be it in leadership, management, political discussion, which will enhance future career chances, thus fighting youth unemployment and marginalisation.